girlsOur Club is actively involved with on-going charitable local projects. We are dedicated to first helping our community, and through Kiwanis International we know we are involved with meeting many of the needs of the children around the world. We meet once a week, but you can choose how often you wish to attend each month. Our meetings are every Friday at 7:30 a.m. at the Altamonte Springs FirstWatch Restaurant located at 249 W State Rd 436, Altamonte Springs, FL 32714.

Our club welcomes your participation if you have an extra 1-2 hours a week, have ever wanted to volunteer, help your community, help a child in need to succeed and become part of a large network of local and international professionals who volunteer.

When you volunteer for Kiwanis it benefits the group as well as the community you are in. It can also benefit you, the volunteer, in many ways. Volunteering can teach new skills or develop ones you already have. Often you take on projects that ask you to help with something you are not familiar with. Perhaps you are working with a group as a volunteer coordinator because you are organized, but there is a need for someone to work hands on with children. You may need to fill that need and as a result learn how to deal with children and work with them. This type of scenario happens in many Kiwanis groups. You will learn to grow by doing many different activities and tasks.

Volunteering also helps connect you with your community.  By being connected in your immediate area, you learn what the community needs and help to find ways to meet those needs. You may meet new friends in the process.

You will have more options for a career. If you volunteer in your career field, you will make your resume look more well rounded. If you are changing fields and your volunteer work is in the field you are moving to, it can be considered experience. In general, employers like to see that you are a volunteer because it means that you are willing to work, have compassion, and are a team player.group1

Zappos C.E.O. Tony Hsieh on the Colbert Report said: “People find happiness when they are part of something bigger than themselves.” By setting a good example for those around you, one person can make a difference and you can show family and friends how fulfilling volunteering can be. When multiple people join together and decide to make a difference, then it can be life changing. This is what Kiwanis is about positively improving lives of children locally and globally.

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