Bill Hewson


Bill and Jean Hewson celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in late June 2012 with a week-long family get together in a beach house at Gulf Shores Alabama. Their actual anniversary date is August 30th. The group totaled 21, which included a niece from Denver. They have three children, five grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

Kiwanis History:

- Joined in Columbus, Ohio February 1, 1963
- Served all levels of club and divisions offices
- Severed as Governor of Ohio 1982-1983
- Joined the Altamonte / Longwood club in 1994

Business History:

- Savings and loan banking industry
- Retired from National City Bank, Columbus, Ohio in January 1994
- Active in multiple professional organizations
- Currently employed by SCI Corp., owner of Carey Hand Cox-Parker Funeral Home

Community History:

- Active in Camp Fire Girls organization in Columbus
- Many community activities through Kiwanis
- Active in AFS (a student foreign exchange program) and hosted two students


- Member of First Baptist Church of Sweetwater
- Serves as usher
- Member of Welcome Center Committee


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